Christy on a Journey

June 20, 2012

I want….

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The sun is shining and I am beginning to get that antsy feeling. Summer has started to whisper in my ear…the longer days and warmer nights…so languid.  I want to go; I want to do; I want to lie in the shade of a tree watching the dappled sunshine filter through. I long to feel the tickle of his breath as we lie on a blanket and watch the world go by…

I want to feel safe to do these things. I want to know that my kids can play in the yard with out my hyper-vigilance, I want to feel safe to walk to the market on the corner for a ice cream with the kids without scrutinizing every vehicle that drives near us.

Summer is coming…and I want the freedom that it brings.

I want so many things..fingers tickling and trailing….

the ribbon of condensation on the outside of a glass

I want the blush of to much sun on my legs and shoulders

I want the sleepy feeling one gets from doing nothing in the heat….or doing to much….

I want….so very much.

It is NOT to much.


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